The first time he called was after the game was over. He didn’t remember a game so boring, it seemed all the players were at vacation and the audience a bunch of angry slivers. – even better – he said to himself, I can take time to think.

José  let the phone rang till the end. – I cannot take your call now, please leave a message after the bip, said  a recorded voice. Redialled two times more, but noting. She didn’t answer. His heart speeded up.

He knew little about her but he was sure she was the key to that mistery. Julia would arrive Sunday, and with her, he hoped, most of the answers he needed to solve the puzzle.

While the crowd swore against the players José made up is mind.  Tt’s hard but if I can make it right – he though – by the time she arrives everything will be ready. And no one will notice she’s missing.


  1. E foi como uma prenda… no dia em que acrescentei mais uma conta ao meu rosário. Já são 44.


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